For BBQ lovers

Kasumai BBQ Steakhouse Gambia - Nice to 'meat' you


All-Round restaurant

Unwinding in a calming ocean breeze, our restaurant is well known to be one of the best places for lunch or dinner in The Gambia. Whether it is a romantic dinner for two, business meeting, wedding party, birthday celebration or a lovely meal with the family, we invite you to share your dining experience with us.


After a road trip of thousands of miles and visiting many BBQ joints, we know it for sure, this is it! 

The flavours, tastes and experiences we found in the authentic restaurants we had to take with us. Kasumai BBQ & Steakhouse is the answer to our adventure, the experiences and traditions we discovered are mixed in our grill & smoke restaurant.

Our Chef tamed the fiery flames in our   hell´s kitchen.

We prepare for you Yankee style ´low and slow´ BBQ dishes on the wood burning smoker and hot and fast grill classics on the ´old fashioned´ stone grill.

Mouthwatering good!

At Kasumai BBQ & Steakhouse we work with our own products. We import beef from New Zealand, Australia and Holland.

We grow our vegetables here in Gambia, also vegetables you have never tasted before. This will definitely be a unique experience!

Enough with the chat, just experience it yourself!

During daytime we serve several mouthwatering sandwiches, like pulled chicken, rib-eye and much more..

After 17.00 you can order meals prepared on the BBQ and American smoker-

Our motto

You might come as a stranger, but we make sure you will leave as a friend


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